Welcome to MOSAIC

Are you looking to get more connected at MOSAIC? Then this special night is just for you! “Welcome to MOSAIC” Mondays start this Monday at 8pm at Tiago. We will tell you everything you need to know about taking your next step with us.

“Welcome to MOSAIC” Mondays
Tiago Coffee Bar + Kitchen
7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Mondays // 8pm


Missed a previous midweek gathering?

You can now watch selective talks online through our YouTube channel.

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MOSAIC Families Halloween

MOSAIC Families are hosting Halloween Trick-or-Treat Parties Across the city in Pasadena, Alhambra, and North Hollywood. All parties start at 6pm. Please RSVP below for the exact location.

RSVP For Pasadena
RSVP For Alhambra
RSVP For North Hollywood


Put a down payment for MTN 2015 HERE

MTN Community Groups

We want to keep the MTN experience going long after the weekend in over.

Groups are forming all around the city discussing the content we shared at MTN.

We will have study guides available for six week groups with a “reunion” planned for Oct 2nd in Hollywood.

Start this week or in the next few weeks. Sign up here

7107 Hollywood Blvd.
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9:30am* / 11:30am* /
6pm / 8pm

*Full Kids Programing Babies - 5th Grade
Youth Programming at 11:30am

Contact: Connect